Successful social media relies on engaging content. 

And engaging content relies on successful social media for maximum reach. Social media marketing relies on reciprocity. It’s about building a community of loyal and interested followers who will interact with you and share your content. Attracting followers and converting them to customers requires effort, and expertise. 

Clients who come to us for help with their social media have often had a go at it themselves first. Most people now are familiar with some form of social media interaction, whether it’s Facebook for friends and family, Instagram for photos of food, or Twitter to keep up with local news or their favourite celebrities. How hard can it be, then, to switch to a business account and just post a few sales messages about your business on there? It's often the fastest way to lose an audience.

Once our clients understand how much effort has to go in to posting the right sort of messages, regularly, at the right times of day for maximum impact, they usually prefer to leave it to us, giving them more  time to get on with growing their business. However, we can get your social media up and running for you, then train you to take over, if you'd like to learn how.


How can we help?

As part of your content marketing strategy, we’ll do a social media audit for you and advise on what platforms and types of content have the most impact in your market. For example, if you’re a food based business, it will be all about the visuals, whereas another business might need more focus on thought leadership

We'll help you establish your online presence from scratch, set up the accounts for you and build up your followers. Because we’re already well connected in the local market and online across different industry sectors, we know which followers will be most interested in your business. 

As we “white label” for most clients, people don’t know it’s us posting on your behalf. This means we can also use our other anonymous accounts to help create more interest in yours. 

Examples of our work


We work closely with Torpedo Juice on this project, with the foundation of the whole content marketing strategy being the strong brand identity. 

Once Torpedo Juice had created the brand, we used teasers on social media to build up interest in the month before the burger bar opened. We kept the web copy simple and created a voice that would appeal to the main demographic of followers, without alienating the rest. Before the launch, we set up a holding page for people to sign up to the mailing list, and tied it in to a social media competition to generate good search engine and social media visibility.

As food is such a visual product, key to all of this is a portfolio of tantalising images and video to underpin the message. We organised the launch event, press releases and online features, creating such an opening buzz that they ran out of stock in the first weekend and sold over 2,000 burgers in the first 20 days. 


By the time the burger bar opened, the mailing list already had 200 subscribers. For the social media strategy, we focused on user-generated content by using hashtags and sharing and reposting pictures of the burgers. Within six months of launching on social media we had built up a Facebook community of 900, a Twitter following of 800 and 1,015 on Instagram with posts regularly hitting an organic reach of over 2,000, and our best (also non-paid) post achieving a reach of over 7,000. 

We also handle the brand management and PR for this client, advising on promotions and ad campaigns, and looking out for strategic partnerships.