Quality content is about great photography too.

Studies on recall and memory have shown that when people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. If a relevant image is paired with that same information, however, people retain 65% of the information. Other research has shown that if content contains a coloured image, not just words, people are 80% more likely to read it. 

Perhaps not surprising then, that in 2016, 45% of marketers considered photography to be a key element of their content marketing strategy. 34% selected visual content like photos and infographics as their most important content after blogging, and blog posts have most impact when they contain professional quality photographs. Video is also growing in popularity and can increase click through rates in email newsletters by up to 65%. 

With Instagram beginning to overtake Twitter as the social media platform of choice for some industries, and its links with Facebook which is also a very visual medium, having in your content marketing arsenal a portfolio of photos that reflect and reinforce your brand image is now vital.


How can we help?

We’re lucky to have in our team a fantastic photographer, Jez Timms, who also happens to run his own marketing and design agency. This means he has a brilliantly creative eye, but also understands the mechanics behind creating adaptable visual content that will have maximum impact online and in print. 

We can work with you to build a portfolio of photos to use in your content marketing, for blogs or for your website.

Feast your eyes on some of Jez’s photos in the gallery below.

Jez has over 20 years' experience in creative design and web design, and can produce brands, build websites design infographics, adverts, flyers, brochures and email marketing campaigns for you.